Monday, November 4, 2013

Question #6: Why is some music so underrated but really awesome?

Okay so whenever I watch Grey's Anatomy or Pretty Little Liars I hear a song in the background and I think that I actually like it, so I search for it on YouTube and I find that it's so totally awesome and I've never heard of this artist before so I don't understand why even though this music is on popular tv shows its not popular. I mean singers like Andrew Belle or Katie Herzig should have more people listening to there music, because it sounds so great and it's pretty relatable. I really do wonder why? Anyway so I'm just gonna write a list of songs that are awesome but very underrated.

  • Andrew Belle- In My Veins
  • Katie Herzig-Way To the Future
  • Andrew Belle- Signs Of Life
  • John Gold-Vampires Kiss
  • Garrison Starr- Upside Down
  • Jordyn Kane- Terrified
  • Brandi Carlile- What Can I Say
  • Birdy- Terrible Love (The National Cover)
  • Au Revoir Simone-All Or Nothing
  • The Cardigans- Live and Learn
That isn't a really long list but there are other songs, I hope you like how these sound.

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