Sunday, November 3, 2013

Question #2: If a guy and a girl hang out alot, why do people automatically assume they're dating?

This happened to me once with this guy friend I had, let's call him Fred. Every morning at school me and Fred would sit and talk to each other about our problems, Grey's Anatomy, my "love" issues and how Fred feels that if my life was a TV show it would be similar to Keeping Up With The Kardashians (which is insane because I hate that show and the people who are in it, and I don't act like any of them.) Anyway once the bell rang for our classes to start we don't speak again until the next morning. So everyone keeps saying that they think that me and Fred are a couple. YOU CANNOT JUST ASSUME THAT, DO YOU EVER SEE US MAKING OUT OR HUGGING? NO, SO STICK A SOCK IN IT. I mean the nerve of some people to say that, and even if we were a couple it would be none of your business. Jesus, just some people should like staple their mouths or something. Also this Fred guy is like 2 years younger than me, so there's no way we could ever be a couple it would be gross. So why do people do that, I mean there are plenty of people who can have platonic relationships. If you see two guys hanging out a lot you don't assume they're gay lovers, do you? Okay maybe you might but only if they fit the gay stereo-type which brings me to another topic which I'll address in another post but for now I'm done ranting about this one question. :)

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