Monday, November 4, 2013

Question #6: Why is some music so underrated but really awesome?

Okay so whenever I watch Grey's Anatomy or Pretty Little Liars I hear a song in the background and I think that I actually like it, so I search for it on YouTube and I find that it's so totally awesome and I've never heard of this artist before so I don't understand why even though this music is on popular tv shows its not popular. I mean singers like Andrew Belle or Katie Herzig should have more people listening to there music, because it sounds so great and it's pretty relatable. I really do wonder why? Anyway so I'm just gonna write a list of songs that are awesome but very underrated.

  • Andrew Belle- In My Veins
  • Katie Herzig-Way To the Future
  • Andrew Belle- Signs Of Life
  • John Gold-Vampires Kiss
  • Garrison Starr- Upside Down
  • Jordyn Kane- Terrified
  • Brandi Carlile- What Can I Say
  • Birdy- Terrible Love (The National Cover)
  • Au Revoir Simone-All Or Nothing
  • The Cardigans- Live and Learn
That isn't a really long list but there are other songs, I hope you like how these sound.

Question #5: Why do people feel tired in the morning but energetic at 2am?

Okay, do not disagree with me on this; at least once in you're life you have woken up in the morning feeling like you just died and it's the afterlife and then later felt so energetic at midnight that it was like you chugged down 50 Red Bulls, if not you must have you life together and aren't all depressed and sad like the rest of us. Honestly this is like the most annoying thing for me, before I go to sleep at night I plan out how I'm gonna spend my day and I usually plan to be productive like, do my homework, exercise and do yoga or something but then I wake up in the morning and I can't even get my ass out of bed but then at like 1am I have the energy to do all that stuff and probably jog all the way to China, build a skyscraper, bake a cake and write a book. Just, why does this happen? I don't understand. Maybe I'm a vampire or something. Either way I'd like to know why this happens, please?

Question #4: Why are there gay stereotypes?

I mentioned this in another post of mine. I don't really understand why so many people expect gay guys to be all flamboyant and say "fabulous" a lot. I haven't met many gay people but I did once meet this guy who was soo girly. He spoke in a gay way, and spoke to me about shoes. So I just assumed he was gay but didn't know it yet. Even I find that most gays are all Barbra Streisand loving, sun-tanning, designer clothe wearing people who give you fashion tips (those are my favourite type of gay people.) Maybe it's just because the majority of the gay guy population acts this way. I've also noticed that in TV shows that have gay couples there is always one who is all fabulous, fashionable and snazzy while the other one seems like your average sports-loving man except instead of cheering for the hot cheerleaders in there tight uniforms he's hoping that maybe one day Tim Tebow will start "playing for the other team." Anyway I just found a very cute picture that I'm gonna add in this post to show my support for gay marriage, and people being gay. I THINK THEY'RE AWESOME!

Anyway my point is that goth people can be gay, emo people can be gay, jocks can be gay. Anyone can be gay, not just the flamboyant men who dream of being a fashion designer or that guy you know who helps you choose outfits (if you know a guy like that). Oh well I'm done for know. I am off to think of more questions.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Question #3: Why do so many people die on Grey's Anatomy?

This has been a question that has swirled around in my mind since the season 8 finale of GA, when Lexie Grey died (I cried like a baby.)

Here's a list of main characters or recurring characters that have died:
1.Lexie Grey
2.Mark Sloan
3.George O'Malley
4.Heather Brooks
5.Ellis Grey
6.Henry Burton
7.Denny Duquette Jr.
8.Adele Webber
9.Reed Adamson
10.Charles Percy
11.Susan Grey

11 people who are main or recurring characters died. Now I know that some people have to die in order to keep the show interesting, but it's really upsetting especially when you grow close to the characters (*cough* Mark and Lexie *cough*.) Also do you even know of a hospital where so many doctors/residents/interns die? It's also an unrealistic way for a bunch of doctors to die especially in one hospital.

  • Lexie and Mark: Plane Crash.
  • George O'Malley: Dragged by a bus.
  • Heather Brooks: Electrocuted and head hit on a generator.
  • Reed Adamson and Charles Percy: Shot by a gunman.
Really? I don't know many or any doctors but really?It's all just soo sad. I suppose it's similar to Desperate Housewives, don't even get me started on how sad I was when Karl Mayer or Mike Delfino died on that show. It was so sad!

Question #2: If a guy and a girl hang out alot, why do people automatically assume they're dating?

This happened to me once with this guy friend I had, let's call him Fred. Every morning at school me and Fred would sit and talk to each other about our problems, Grey's Anatomy, my "love" issues and how Fred feels that if my life was a TV show it would be similar to Keeping Up With The Kardashians (which is insane because I hate that show and the people who are in it, and I don't act like any of them.) Anyway once the bell rang for our classes to start we don't speak again until the next morning. So everyone keeps saying that they think that me and Fred are a couple. YOU CANNOT JUST ASSUME THAT, DO YOU EVER SEE US MAKING OUT OR HUGGING? NO, SO STICK A SOCK IN IT. I mean the nerve of some people to say that, and even if we were a couple it would be none of your business. Jesus, just some people should like staple their mouths or something. Also this Fred guy is like 2 years younger than me, so there's no way we could ever be a couple it would be gross. So why do people do that, I mean there are plenty of people who can have platonic relationships. If you see two guys hanging out a lot you don't assume they're gay lovers, do you? Okay maybe you might but only if they fit the gay stereo-type which brings me to another topic which I'll address in another post but for now I'm done ranting about this one question. :)

Question No.1: Why do guys think it's okay to say mean things to girls?

Maybe I'm exaggerating saying that every guy is a douche towards girls but I have met my fair share of guys who are just completely mean. Okay so they probably don't fully understand how insecure some girls are but really, why can't they just be nice? Literally half the guys in my class are just freaking dick-heads. They just annoy girls, they just have no idea how painful it can be to some girls.

Confession Time:
A few years ago, I think I was in grade 6 there were these two guys who were just soo mean. One day they said to me that I have a uni-brow and hairy legs (which I think I did) so one day I took my big sisters tweezers and plucked my eyebrows and then I took her razor and shaved my legs. That's how insecure I was. I did that just because someone teased me about, and also I didn't even pluck my eyebrows right, I have thick, Cara Delevingne-like eyebrows and I plucked them so freaking thin I looked like Morticia Addams, luckily my thick and fabulous brows grew back.

Anyway I know that this situation happened a few years ago but I still know those two guys and they're still as mean as they were before, so to all the male population;