Monday, November 4, 2013

Question #4: Why are there gay stereotypes?

I mentioned this in another post of mine. I don't really understand why so many people expect gay guys to be all flamboyant and say "fabulous" a lot. I haven't met many gay people but I did once meet this guy who was soo girly. He spoke in a gay way, and spoke to me about shoes. So I just assumed he was gay but didn't know it yet. Even I find that most gays are all Barbra Streisand loving, sun-tanning, designer clothe wearing people who give you fashion tips (those are my favourite type of gay people.) Maybe it's just because the majority of the gay guy population acts this way. I've also noticed that in TV shows that have gay couples there is always one who is all fabulous, fashionable and snazzy while the other one seems like your average sports-loving man except instead of cheering for the hot cheerleaders in there tight uniforms he's hoping that maybe one day Tim Tebow will start "playing for the other team." Anyway I just found a very cute picture that I'm gonna add in this post to show my support for gay marriage, and people being gay. I THINK THEY'RE AWESOME!

Anyway my point is that goth people can be gay, emo people can be gay, jocks can be gay. Anyone can be gay, not just the flamboyant men who dream of being a fashion designer or that guy you know who helps you choose outfits (if you know a guy like that). Oh well I'm done for know. I am off to think of more questions.

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