Sunday, November 3, 2013

Question #3: Why do so many people die on Grey's Anatomy?

This has been a question that has swirled around in my mind since the season 8 finale of GA, when Lexie Grey died (I cried like a baby.)

Here's a list of main characters or recurring characters that have died:
1.Lexie Grey
2.Mark Sloan
3.George O'Malley
4.Heather Brooks
5.Ellis Grey
6.Henry Burton
7.Denny Duquette Jr.
8.Adele Webber
9.Reed Adamson
10.Charles Percy
11.Susan Grey

11 people who are main or recurring characters died. Now I know that some people have to die in order to keep the show interesting, but it's really upsetting especially when you grow close to the characters (*cough* Mark and Lexie *cough*.) Also do you even know of a hospital where so many doctors/residents/interns die? It's also an unrealistic way for a bunch of doctors to die especially in one hospital.

  • Lexie and Mark: Plane Crash.
  • George O'Malley: Dragged by a bus.
  • Heather Brooks: Electrocuted and head hit on a generator.
  • Reed Adamson and Charles Percy: Shot by a gunman.
Really? I don't know many or any doctors but really?It's all just soo sad. I suppose it's similar to Desperate Housewives, don't even get me started on how sad I was when Karl Mayer or Mike Delfino died on that show. It was so sad!

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