Monday, November 4, 2013

Question #5: Why do people feel tired in the morning but energetic at 2am?

Okay, do not disagree with me on this; at least once in you're life you have woken up in the morning feeling like you just died and it's the afterlife and then later felt so energetic at midnight that it was like you chugged down 50 Red Bulls, if not you must have you life together and aren't all depressed and sad like the rest of us. Honestly this is like the most annoying thing for me, before I go to sleep at night I plan out how I'm gonna spend my day and I usually plan to be productive like, do my homework, exercise and do yoga or something but then I wake up in the morning and I can't even get my ass out of bed but then at like 1am I have the energy to do all that stuff and probably jog all the way to China, build a skyscraper, bake a cake and write a book. Just, why does this happen? I don't understand. Maybe I'm a vampire or something. Either way I'd like to know why this happens, please?

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